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Chung Yuan Trade Network

Founded in 2009, Zonyle Trading Co., Ltd. is a global trading company integrating domestic and international online trading. The Company is devoted in the field of online trading and has also shown its attainments in market developments and product agent services. The website of Zonyle ( is a global website designed for domestic and international trading markets, covering several countries in the world. With over 30 kinds of language provided, the website is easy for businessmen all over the world to communicate with each other. We’re sparing no efforts in building up the most authoritative online trading in the world with our professional services.
Zonyle is provided with strong economic strengths, powerful technical supports and all-round professional teams. The main businesses of Zonyle involve exporting products of various trades to all parts of the world and developing Chinese markets for products of various trades all over the world.
With the business tenet of “Made in China, Shared by the World”, Zonyle is offering products of various trades to the world. The products cover a wide range such as security protection, electronics, chemical industry, instrument, chemicals, automobile, sports & leisure, paper, textile, energy, printing, toy, medicine, plastic & rubber, office/culture/education goods, household supplies, agriculture, package, transportation, industrial equipment, hardware, handicraft, food, building material, costume, metallurgy and mining, mobile communication, lamp & light, digital products and computer, electrical engineering, machinery, etc. We’re maintaining detailed product categories for products of various trades to facilitate retrieving required goods accurately. With the most rational prices, most consummated services and most outstanding products, we’ll wholeheartedly seek for more fortunes for clients at home and aboard. You’re welcomed to join hands with us for bright futures.
Zonyle is ready to explore Chinese markets for products of various types all across the world. As supported by strong and professional teams, we can provide you with the most comprehensive solutions and the most consummated services. Customized marketing strategies are also available in Zonyle. More than being professionally equipped in information consultations and website developments and operations, Zonyle is also showing great talents in market developments and product agent services. We hereby sincerely welcome all friends with lofty ideals to join us in the Chinese markets. With all-round and multi-channel strategy integration, we can equip you with original and unique marketing modes for your products. We’re always here to welcome you. Please send us your company introductions and related product information via email to And we’ll contact you as soon as possible. Also you may visit our website for further information.
Our business philosophy: “Professional, Credible, Innovative”
Our business tenet: “Made in China, Shared with the World”
Our business objective: “Preferred Brand Supplier Entrusted by the Clients, Excellent Agency and Operator for Products All over the World”
We’re looking forwards to cooperating with you for great successes.


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