China unlikely to see serious inflation in short term

BEIJING: The increase in China’s consumer price index (CPI) is likely to see an inverted  V  shape in that year and the possibility of serious inflation is declining,  said Ha Jiming, chief economist at China International Capital Corp (IACC).
During a business investor education in Beijing on 29 AMI expects China’s CPI 3.2 percent has to be prior to one year, said the CPI growth rate, even in the 4 percent maximum In June and July.
The state CPI increased by 2.4 years per cent from a year in March and April, growth accelerated to 2.8 percent, according to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics.
The acceleration in the CPI was the result of the lower base of comparison last year and the risk of serious short-term inflation was easing because both global commodities prices and domestic prices of meat and vegetables fell he said.
In China, food prices accounted for one third the weight of the IPC.
The CICC has reduced its estimate for economic growth in China this year to 9.5 percent from 10.5 percent, he said.
rate hikes are likely this year as rising consumer prices expected to fall in the second half, said


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