How to Export Data With QuickBooks Integration For Zen Cart

Let’s take a closer look at the export wizard. At the beginning of work with QuickBooks, you need one of the options available on export: select QuickBooks export, export customers Export orders to QuickBooks and QuickBooks. As export driver will guide you step by step through the process of regulating exports. These steps are the same for all the export options.

Export Preview – allows you to filter the data by various parameters. By filtering and sorting of products, you may want to rearrange the way again. Pay attention to the fact that the filter will affect the export performance. Next, you need to do is set the import / export options: connect to the QuickBooks database, select the appropriate method of export taxes and product options. This step also allows the type of item you want to create: Census, Census of non-service or other charges for the selected records. You now have the option to update product volumes, export refunds and select the period (export orders).

The next step – mapping products / customers / orders from his shop in the respective positions of QuickBooks. This can be done automatically or manually. This will help avoid duplicates. Note that the export is initiated when the click the Export button.
Check all settings before exporting.

Only a few seconds and you’re done. Export is complete. was carried out, the last step of the Export Wizard displays detailed information for registration: the list of modified / products, the export of certain goods (customer orders), and the list of errors. When the export is complete, you can check the results in QuickBooks.

An easy way to integration also allows you to import the products directly from the QuickBooks database Zen Cart. Import Wizard is to export similar. You regulate the importation of products from the available options, select the same import / export options such as Export Wizard, use the preview import data (filtering and sorting different filter or sort the files you want) . The import will start immediately after clicking the Import button. It is very simple. If the process is complete, you can open the log file for details. Currently, we are also working to import the client and are available to you.

QuickBooks integration addon for Store Manager for Zen Cart that can export to customers quickly and save time with the organization. A simple way of integration for Zen Cart is easy to use very simple and opens new horizons for business online. This software automates the export of products, customers and orders to Quick Books. Developed by the team of experts ensures the high quality software. Please review the QuickBooks integration for Zen Cart for details.


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