Online Retail – How To Know Your Customers Psychology

An online store can provide for the integrity of the retail sale of your business. From e-shop can mobilize resources both marketing materials to promote the sale of its retail business and simplify the way they interact with their customers to buy a product.
However, customer mentality is very different when it comes to buying something online. limited to the unconscious, the client usually looks for a better deal than the physical movement of (marketing concepts are inevitable  when visiting the online store). Of course, as an owner of an online retailer, is you to present things in his tent by his client counseling.
First Neuro marketing techniques – brain studies show that online shoppers both the background color, bringing the product to monitor, etc. The decision on prices is to buy a product or reduce its costs down affected these factors. For example, the researchers suggested that green design can in the distance a product in a store selling furniture online to customers in line of fire of the neurons in a way that helps the sensitive material prices. Moreover, a medium blue angle model for promoting neuronal comfort buyers of the product. In other words, a cheap product is always a green background and highlight the  low , similar to when your product is very cheap, uses a blue background and enhance the comfort and convenience features.

Affinity second shipment, free – The term  free Express is one of the most popular features of each product is sold online, at least a large portion of online shoppers just escaped! Consumers prefer free shipping deals compared the shopping experience in physical memory, take your car, go to the store, buy the gas burn burn again flow through traffic to get home and park your car and finally, open the table window the room – and the retail culture compares this with the phrase  free-Express.  Even a $ 20 discount is less than 10 dollars in ransom in the name of the free Express. Save? Well, well, everyone gives.  Free Shipping?  Why should I buy?  This is the good part of psychology online buyers.

Compare prices of products from third – Online Shopper Report shows psychoanalysis most buyers give priority to medium quantities comparison group of similar products. For example, if two similar products in the category page of your store (look reveals short of the two), the price of $ 100 and the other at $ 150, most of the customers to buy cheaper. Now add a third paragraph to say, good price, $ 200 (which is not interested in selling), will be surprised to see that most of the people selling the product for $ 150 purchase! Moral of the story – always give buyers to compare something!

Online shoppers prefer the prices in local currency (if you sold worldwide) and have a great love for the coupons, too.
In addition, the purchasing behavior varies according to different demographics such as age, income, gender, education, community, etc. So while you watch – Sale and know your customers!